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RE-CREATE, RE-CYCLE Old Equipment, Protecting Our Environment.
CEO Greeting
I would like to thank everyone who visited our website
and wish you good health, success, and happiness.
RC TECH is a company that is playing a key role in the semiconductor and display market thanks to our excellent technology and constant innovation. We are currently producing various facilities that are required for the manufacturing of high-end semiconductors and display products. We will always strive to become a major force in the global market, making our next leap by focusing on R&D and technological innovation.

We are also doing our best to become a world-class company by securing new growth engines through constant investment in the R&D sector, improving the competitiveness of our core parts (high-end semiconductor, display, solar cell, lighting, general industrial equipment, etc.) based on our MCU SoC design technology consisting of advanced micro-network on-chip IPs.

RC TECH promises to become a strong company that can always contribute to the local and global community and the happiness of everyone by pursuing projects and businesses that can generate key social/economic values.

Thank you.
CEO of RC TECH,   LIM Tae-hwa