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RE-CREATE, RE-CYCLE Old Equipment, Protecting Our Environment.
Dry Clean
Dry-Clean is a part of our equipment Refurbishment service and is one of the most important areas in our Refurbishment service.
By adding a new functions such as the Dry-Clean function to the equipment, you can use the equipment without disassembling it. In particular, functions like these are only applied to the latest models, and are not supported by most of the equipment that are currently used in the field.
Wet PM : Must suspend the equipment, disassemble/assemble it,
and reassemble it after cleaning it with hydrogen fluoride
Existing equipment uses the Wet PM method, and many companies do not provide maintenance services for discontinued models. This not only causes productivity issues but may also lead to quality control issues caused by changes in equipment/facilities after disassembly/assembly, and environmental issues due to the use and management of hydrogen fluoride by external cleaning companies.
To solve these problems, RC TECH is carrying out a Refurbishment service that adds a Dry-Clean function to your equipment/facilities. Through this, our main goal is to generate new social/economic values and contribute to the local and global community.