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Hastelloy is a material with heat/corrosion resistance which can withstand higher concentrations of hydrochloric acid solutions. Existing stainless steel (SUS304, SUS316L, etc.) cannot be used in hydrochloric acid solutions, and in order to use the In-Situ Dry Clean function, a material with excellent corrosion resistance is required.
  • Key Characteristics of Hastelloy
    • High Strength
    • Excellent Corrosion-resistance
    • Hastelloy : Alloy with high Cr content
    • Due to the high content of Cr, the passive film is strengthened → Improved resistance against local corrosion
    • Improved tissue stability at higher temperatures due to reduced Mo content → Better tissue stability leads to improved resistance to deterioration of corrosion resistance caused by aging.
  • Usage of Hastelloy
    • Used in an oxidative environment
    • Used in a reducing environment
    • Used in a neutral salt environment
    • Used in an alkaline environment
    • Used in semiconductor processing chambers
    • Used in an anticorrosive, high-temperature, high-pressure environment
RC TECH is currently using imported Hastelloy materials that meets the ASTM standards, which are suitable for Furnace facilities that withstand corrosion, high temperature and high pressure.

RC TECH is currently supplying key parts such as manifolds, seal caps, turn tables, vacuum pipes, flexible lines, etc., to major companies around the world (Wonik IPS, SK Hynix, Global Foundries, etc.)
Key Parts (Hastelloy)